What are some of the situations where it makes the most sense to include window opening control devices on my windows?

  • Low sill heights:

    • When the design calls for windows with sill heights below a required minimum, WOCDs that meet ASTM F2090 may be an acceptable alternative to changing the design. Check local codes.

  • Rental and/or multi-family properties:

    • A growing number of property owners are installing WOCDs in their apartments and rental homes to improve the safety of the occupants.

  • Situational risks where children may be present:

    • Even if the distance from a window sill to the interior floor is more than the required minimum (typically 24 inches), you may still benefit from a WOCD. Reports show that beds, chairs and bookshelves have served as “ladders” for young children to reach windows. Movable objects take only seconds to push across a room toward a window.

    • Even if the distance from a window sill to the outside ground is less than the allowed maximum (typically 72 inches), surfaces such as concrete or hot tubs may still pose serious risk in the event of a fall.